Welcome to our website.

We are primarily a business-oriented Information Technology (Networks, Servers, PCs, etc.) services company,
providing a variety of vendor neutral, on-site/remote professional support services to local business.

Field Services

HNOS offers a wide variety of services including on-site and remote support.

Services include break/fix, IMAC (installations, moves, adds, changes), decommisssions, redeployments, hardware refreshes, networking (both wired and wireless), and site surveys.

We have provided IT services in a range of work environments from data centres to manufacturing facilities to small offices.


Operations Support

HNOS can assist you in providing experienced IT resources to accomodate workload gaps for specific IT roles.

We can assist you in providing experienced resources (personnel) to fill in IT gaps, due to vacations, sick leaves, or work overflow. HNOS Inc. is able to assign appropriate resources to fulfill the IT requirements of various support roles within your organization.


Consulting Services

We help clients by advising them on how best to use various information technologies to meet their business objectives.

We help bridge the gap between business and IT by serving as a strategic adviser. In addition to providing advice, we can help with estimating, managing, implementing, deploying, or even administering IT systems on their behalf. We are typically engaged by clients when they require objective advice/recommendations, or when they require temporary help during an IT project.


On-Demand Labour

Are you an IT vendor (or services provider) and need a partner local to the area in order to assist with a service event?

On-demand (virtual, freelance, or contingent) labour enables technology vendors to increase their geographic reach, extend their workforce, and help lower support costs.